Rate Your Teen - 20 Question Assessment

Please check the box next to the questions that apply.  Then, at the bottom of this page click the “Calculate / Get Recommendation” button – the score and recommendations will then be provided.  Use this information to help in finding the most appropriate help for your teen (pre-teen or young adult).

This Assessment can help in understanding the severity of your teens problems (pre-teen or young adult), and can serve as an important point of reference.  Depending on the extent, these problems may best be addressed by getting help in a controlled environment (a residential setting).  Other times, because the issues are more moderate, the parent is able to tighten structure, re-visit necessary family rules and strengthen communication -- keeping their teen (pre-teen or young adult) in the home.

Has your teen lost motivation, seen a drop in grades, been truant or suspended?
Is your teen struggling to follow?
Is it difficult for you to get your teen to do simple household chores (or homework)?
Does your teen associate with a harmful or negative peer group (in your opinion)?
Are you worried that your teen may not make it through high school?
Has your teen ever been verbally abusive?
Does your teen demonstrate deceitful or manipulative behavior?
Has your teen lost interest (hobbies or sports)?
Has your teen had problems with the law?
Does your teen defy rules regardless of consequences in place?
Do you find your family living on “pins & needles” when speaking to your teen to avoid their anger and/or verbal attacks?
Does your teen struggle with authority?
Are these outside of your family standards?
Has your teen ever displayed this type of behavior.
Does your teen seem to lack motivation?
Is your teen struggling with self-esteem and self-worth?
Are you concerned about your teen?
Is it possible that your teen may be involved in: missing valuables and money from your home?
May your teen be using or experimenting with these?
Do you often feel powerless when dealing with your teen?

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