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Parents - Answers for Parents is here for You, just like they were for me.

The program you send your child to will either bring your family back together or simply prolong the problems and be a financial step backward. When my child was struggling, I honestly looked at it like the greatest investment I could ever make was in my child. Choosing the right treatment program was a difficult one. I have had to face it just like you are doing now.

Parents need to be aware that there are programs for youth that are not in the business of helping youth and families, but rather lining their pockets and then delivering no help for the youth or their families. This is a sad fact. However, there are many more good treatment programs that truly deliver what they state to do on their web sites and do in fact bring families back together and return confidence and self-esteem to youth.

I know how difficult the process is to find a good treatment program that can really deliver results. I also know how hard it is for parents to accept that sometimes intervention is needed outside of the family; and I know for a fact that my AFP Counselor knew the treatment programs that really do help as well as the programs that are simply in business for money. Thankgoodness I found Answers for Parents, and with the financial investment I knew I was going to be making, the fact that AFP provided their services to me and other parents for free was huge.

I strongly recommend that you seriously consider letting AFP help you find a treatment program that will be able to treat the unique needs of your child. Finally, I really appreciated that my AFP Counselor made the process simple, confidential, and helped me through a very difficult decision.

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