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Teens & Alcohol

Teenagers Prefer Alcohol Over Drugs

As surprising as it may be troubled teens actually use alcohol more often than all other drug combined. This is particularly alarming when considering that troubled teens typically are already lacking in judgment and alcohol has a very powerful effect on altering the mind and disengaging inhibitions altogether.

Parents sometimes rationalize the use of alcohol when compared to other "hard core" drugs.  When in actuality alcohol alone is the main cause of troubled teen car crash deaths; and troubled teens who struggle with alcohol are also more likely to become sexually active.

Troubled teens who use alcohol are also are the major contributors to increases in teenage violence.  Not only do troubled teens become more prone to violence during alcohol consumption, but they also become more susceptible to violent acts such as rape and assault.  A troubled teen using alcohol literally heightens his or her chance of becoming a victim.

Typically troubled teens that are regularly using alcohol or even just experimenting, will very shortly experiment with other illicit drugs like methamphetamines, marijuana, and LSD.

What can we glean from a troubled teen using alcohol?  Alcohol use in troubled teens is the beginning of a major warning sign.  Alcohol and marijuana are the "gateway drugs," and WILL lead to harder drugs.

Troubled teens and alcohol don't mix!

Prevention is the key.  If your troubled teen is using alcohol it is a sign of low self esteem and most often peer pressure.  Meet your teenager's friends.  Always know where they are going, how long they will be there, what they will be doing while they are there, and who will be there.  Talk to your teen about the effects of alcohol use.  Never treat alcohol use among troubled teens as a minor infraction as it is only the beginning of a long lonely self abusing road.


How does Answers For Parents help Parents of troubled Teens and Young Adults?

Answers For Parents is committed to helping troubled teens change their lives and once again become integral members of their families and communities. Although there is no greater resource than parents communicating and strengthening their troubled teens, sometimes intervention is required, and this is where Answers For Parents can help. Answers For Parents can help you in helping your teen. Please call us today for a free and confidential consultation at 877-242-6793. You can view our 24/7 Parent Help Line by clicking here.