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Crisis Intervention

When Families approach a Crisis with their Troubled Teen or Young Adult....Intervention is Needed.

The family is the perfect unit and medication for troubled teens who are struggling with life. While Answers For Parents prescribes family as the first means of treatment for a struggling teen, intervention at times becomes necessary. Answers For Parents is an advocate for both better parenting and intervention programs for troubled teens.

When the family unit has exhausted all resources to help their troubled teen overcome the problems they are dealing with, there are several effective programs that can intervene. Crisis Intervention programs typically come in the shape of either a residential treatment center or a wilderness therapy program. Both treatment program models are extremely effective.

A good treatment program intervening on behalf of parents in their troubled teen's lives keeps the parents actively involved in the treatment of their teen. Typically this active role comes in the form of parent therapeutic phone calls or parent visits to the facility. Often times intervention programs will allow for the troubled teen to have therapeutic visits at home while they are in the program to test the effectiveness of the treatment in the very environment where they originally had fallen into bad behavior.

Intervention after a family has exhausted all resources can put a troubled teen on the fast track to long lasting behavioral changes quickly. This is crucial in a teenagers transition into adulthood. Typically troubled teens who are given the opportunity to change in a treatment program will rebound quickly (8-12 months in a residential treatment program and/or 3-6 months in a wilderness therapy program) and then once again become integral members of their family and community. The success rate for many programs Answers For Parents places troubled teens in is in the high 80 percentile and sometimes 98 percentile. This means that except for extreme cases the majority of troubled teens that undergo a treatment program successfully change their lives long term.

Troubled teens who are not given the opportunity for treatment often extend what should have been teenage years (12-18) well into their adult years and often do not rebound or get a clue so to speak until they are in their mid 20's. This causes severe damage not only in families moral and finances, but also on our society as a whole. Troubled teens who don't or are not willing to become and act like adults until they are in their mid 20's have a much less likelihood of finding good gainful employment. The list of the effects of those lost years spent being a troubled teen is very lengthy and often involves criminal activities, jail, and most often addictions to drugs and/or alcohol or other forms of self abuse.

If you and your family have exhausted all resources to help your struggling teen, then intervention is necessary and is a positive "answer for parents." Intervention after a family has done all it can is not the result of failed parenting. In actuality parents who love their children enough to seek intervention in a treatment program are providing their troubled child with an invaluable opportunity to grow and develop behaviorally before transitioning into adulthood.

Intervention treatment programs offer troubled teens a safe haven from the world where they can refocus and dedicate themselves. Where they can re-establish self worth and goals for their future without the distraction of negative peers and culture. Remember, good intervention programs for troubled teens also include a family involvement component where parents contribute and experience the growth of their child so that when the healthy teen transitions back into the home and community parents already know what to expect.

How does Answers For Parents help parents of troubled teens and young adults?

Answers For Parents is committed to helping parents help their troubled teens change their lives and once again become integral members of their families and communities. Although there is no greater resource than parents communicating and strengthening their child, sometimes intervention is required outside of the family unit and this is where Answers For Parents steps in. Answers For Parents offers free expert treatment program Consulting and Admissions Services for troubled teens and young adults. Please call us today for a free and confidential consultation at 877-242-6793. 


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